How to dry flowers Swags

Wreaths are very easy to do and does not take long either. You do not have to use exotic flowers and spend a lot on expensive crowns and garlands sold commercially. If you have a garden, you can use flowers from your own garden to make a booty flower.
However, if you do not have the type of flowers, you can always walk to the nearest shopping and a bouquet of flowers resistant and long lasting flowers shop. Swags are very old and the only way to make floral arrangements. The first rule to make a floral swag is you have to be very careful with the flowers you choose. These flowers should be able to retain their color even after they have dried. Before learning how to make garlands of dried flowers, it is even more important to learn about the different flowers that are suitable for drying.

Types of dried flowers for Swags

The flowers are mentioned below are spectacular when dry, and can be easily dried if you have a good drying rack at home.

Broom Bloom

Achillea or Anthemis (Both are bright yellow)



Blue Salvia

Canary grass


Cat Tails




Globe amaranth







Silver King

Star Flower


Making Floral Swags for your home

Here, I will explain how to make four types of garlands of dried flowers. In order to make a spoil of long duration, it is best to use dry branches leaves. You can dry using these drying racks. The reason is that the fresh leaves tend to decompose after a few days, and spoils the whole has to be discarded. This does not make much sense, considering all the time and dedicated efforts dried flowers, or money spent buying. Look attractive as palm leaves or grass earthquake, which can be used as the basis for its floral swag.

flowers how to 1 – Diamond Floral shaped booty

All you have to do is pick up some dried palm leaves or fallen leaves, eucalyptus leaves and lemon leaves. You can even use leaves of wheat or oats as a very attractive and delicate appearance.

Cut the stems of any selected plant leaves, so that a decent grip created.

Take a normal hanger cloth and stretch it to make it look diamond shaped.

Now you have to fix some wires fish on the hook. This cable will help keep the flowers and branches together.

Once the network cable is firmly fixed fishing, you will have to arrange the branches sheet.

Take branches 6-7 and ensure that all longer than the base of floral bounty branches.

Add the smaller branches at the top of the longest. Now, tie the branches along the grid using flexible plastic coated cables.

The next step involves using dried flowers, which can be placed together with the branches. Try and color coordinating flowers.

Assuming that you want to use large and small flowers, try placing the largest flowers in the base. Which means that in the booty, smaller flowers will be placed in the stems of the larger flowers. It basically means that you should create a vertical ‘Z’.

Trim any rough edges using scissors and tie the base of the spoils with a son or gold ribbon.

Use the hook of the hanger to hang the loot dried flower. Remember to cover the hook path using a ribbon cable or color.

flowers how to 2 – Swag shaped arch

You can make a floral swag arched with two cloth hangers. These great swags are made and can be used on walls. However, if you want to make a rather small and delicate booty, simply pick up some dry branches of the types mentioned above. Collect these branches to make a small package, which tapers out from the stems. Now tie the bare stems with a rubber band. Now decorate the branches with dried flowers and color coordinate them. Now, arrange flowers on stems with more rubber bands. You basically will have to make two separate garlands of flowers to create the appearance of bow like. Once both wreaths are complete, you will have to fix the tips of the two garlands with strong flexible cable. If your garlands are light, you may not need to use a cable at all. Use a ribbon to tie the two wreaths together or you could end area bold use of silver or gold threads.

flowers how to 3 – Swag Flower Arched

This is really easy to do. Use flexible metal flowers how to plastic wire, to start doing this loot flower. Fold the material in an arc, after which you can tie the dried flowers on the bow, using a thin flowers how to wire wire. Wrap the wire flowers how to thread on three basic points, including both ends of the arc and the midpoint. You can use chains of gold flowers how to silver flowers how to bronze wind on flowers for added decoration. Make a loop in the center of the arch to hang the spoils easily.

flowers how to 4 – Hanging Swag

A booty hanging like a bouquet of flowers or a simple floral arrangement, made with a variety of dried flowers. The key is to combine opaque colorful flowers and long-stemmed flowers with shorter. Once you have a lot aesthetically appealing list in hand, the next step requires you to do a loop to the booty to be hung upside down. You can make a lot based on themes, including medicinal dried flowers, flowers or gourmet.

The above methods will help you start making garlands of dried flowers. You can even add herbs and make garlands of herbs, which can be hung in the kitchen or given away to friends and family. You can even make dried flower wreaths, standing on top of a silk cloth, which can be adjusted around the hanger or in a wooden frame in the shape of a cross.

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