How to dry flowers

The natural beauty and elegance of the dried flowers are incomparable and last for several years. Dried flowers have many uses in decorative arts and floral arrangements. Some people want to know how to dry flowers just to keep a bouquet Gift of age, while others want to take it as a hobby, because it is an enriching experience.
For the purpose of drying, select the correct type of fresh flowers. Make sure the flowers have no insects or parasites on the petals. Flowers chosen for drying must be free of moisture and dew. If going to pick the flower of your garden, make sure it is a dry day and reduce it after the morning dew has ended. Flowers are in full bloom should be avoided as they tend to lose their petals as they dry. These flowers have withered due to excessive sunlight should not be selected. Buds and flowers are the best choice. Flowers are preferred because they will open even after starting dry.

How to dry flowers at home?

There are different methods that can be used to dry flowers, some of them can be quickly dried flowers and others may take some time. The most widely used techniques for dried flowers are as flowers.

flowers This method can be dried flowers quickly, but the shape of the flowers have been flattened. This method is not suitable for flowers with thick stems, but works well with delicate flowers like lilies and other flowers in the form of drawings. Here, the flowers are pressed between two layers of absorbent material can absorb moisture from the flower. For this you can dry flowers in a book or article unglazed others as newsprint. Flowers in place between thicker layers of paper in a book so that a flower does not contact with the other. Keep the book under a heavy object and wait 2-4 weeks. Then open the book to find beautiful dried flowers.

Air flowers The best part of this method is that you can maintain the shape and color of flowers. Remove the extra foliage fresh flowers and tie them together with a rubber band to form small clusters. Select an appropriate place to hang the flowers, which is warm and dark, less humid and has good ventilation. Hang the flowers upside down on a perch in an attic or closet until completely dry. Rose, zinnias, tansy are some of the varieties of flowers that can be dried using this method.

Drying flowers Silica gel is an excellent drying agent and helps dry flowers fairly uniform. Silica gel is as the sand and is available in small packages florist shops, gardening or hobby. You can dry any type of flowers at home with the help of this. However, high density flowers having petals are difficult to dry and can be dried evenly with silica gel. Although silica gel is a little expensive, you can reuse it for many years.

flowers This method flowers are dried within a few minutes. Take a container is safe for use in the microwave to hold flowers. Drying flowers in the microwave, you have to use silica gel to ensure that the natural shape of flowers remain. Pour some silica gel to cover the bottom of the container, then put the flower in blossom beside him and then pour some silica gel more flowers. However, make sure that the petals do not flattened due to the extra weight of the gel. The microwave oven temperature may vary from flower to flower. We need to establish a temperature slightly above the thawing and maintain control of progress from time to time and change the temperature according to requirement. Once the flowers are dry, cover the container and remove from microwave and let it cool for 24 hours. Then lightly brush the entire extra silica gel dry petals. Finally, coat the dried flowers with hairspray so that the dried flowers do not absorb humidity.

You can see that you do not have to be equipped with special tools as well. If using silica gel to dry flowers, be sure to protect yourself with protective clothing. This is not a toxic material but may cause irritation when inhaled or comes into contact with eyes or skin.

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