How to design objects with Tetris

Tetris design objects

For those who grew between 80 and 90, Tetris is a memory of youth: it was the favorite pastime of an entire generation, he warmed to the virtual and digital world for the first time. Therefore, today Tetris talk evokes a smile on his face, and eternal witness of our deeds and talks prowess in computer and video games entertainment centers of our favorite times.

Therefore, decorate our home with these games inspired by arcade is a sensational way to relive, in conversations between friends, these magical moments of childhood, adolescence and early adulthood elements.
Learn, then, to do items that evoke the shapes of those moments of good fun.

Tetris provided a window (depending on the version) in which figures were falling in different forms and magnitudes, described as square each other. Thus, these figures should be pushed to either side, for encastrarse each other as fully as possible, forming complete lines that would disappear if we were successful, or that would accrue if the eye played us some trick.

Then the development of technologies and advances in the field of virtual design allowed new forms, games in three dimensions and other beauties. But the original version that draws us to this project: basic linear forms, formed with simple cubes of equal size.

Create shaped objects tetris

Chopped sources. We can inspire countless objects and decorative elements in the form of Tetris game pieces. For example, we can create containers in square shapes, chopped and serve to chip Tetris, entertaining the table with his presence. Also use paints of various types to create prints inspired by the chips embedded on curtains, carpets, and even on our clothing. Simply paints the way, and then outlines the squares with a fillet of black, gray, or other dark color.

Cushions. A very original idea is to create cushions inspired by Tetris tabs. You will need two color fabric for each: black, and a spot color of your choice. Select first the piece to imitate, and then cuts the material. You can be inspired in your memory, or search the Internet for ways of chips early version of Tetris.

And the form chosen, plan design. We recommend that each square has no less than 10 centimeters across, or more, so that the effect is most striking. Then draw a pencil or with white chalk on the black fabric design, determining additional 1.5 cm between each square. You’ll be able to fold the fabric and glue or sew the center of each square of fabric color, creating a large margin. Make this figure twice, positive and negative, and complemented by lateral or thickness in the same black cloth.

Remember to do at least two pieces that fit well together.

Another way is to create the form in colored cloth, then divide each square to form the ad or figure with a string of black color. You can also paint, paste (or sewing) strips of black cloth or canvas. Everything will depend on your skill with the needle, and your availability of material.

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