How to design a garden according to the climate and terrain

Ala designing the garden, we have to take into account multiple factors. Since the formation of the land and soil, through the details of climate of the area, and to the customs and views of the various corners of the garden, will be the subject of focus for a designer who prides himself on his work.

With regard to garden design depending on terrain and soil, we must pay attention to detail to define the distribution of components.
It should be observed elevations and depressions, making the necessary corrections and defining the growing areas, room or use. Then they must analyze soil characteristics (if rocky, sandy, clay and other details) to complement the most appropriate way to our intentions.

Another aspect to consider when designing the garden, is the climate of the region. There are varieties that are not given in its brilliance in certain climates, more effort we put into cultivation. Also, of course, in addition to the climate of the area, please note that in your own garden you can create a kind of microclimate, in consideration of the details of the terrain and location. Walls, green barriers, water channels and others will do their part in this particular microclimate, creating lighting patterns, specific humidity and temperature of your garden.

For example, note that near the walls and walls there-at generally higher humidity, lower solar lighting during the day, and greater protection from winds. Moreover, in areas far from the walls but areas near larger species (such as trees or bushes) plants receive less rainfall, but greater protection and natural shade.

To design or redesign your garden, a good idea is to create the drawing of the ground, to evaluate it throughout the day. There you can specify the areas of major, higher humidity, or what you think is decisive. So you will be able to say with simplicity site location of areas of use, the crops, pools or whatever you want to look in your garden. Another way is taking ies photograph from the same point, every hour.

Also when planning the design of your garden, keep in mind that you’ll use to give. If you want a fun place where children have fun in a big way by the sink, try to leave open space for comfortable movement. If you have pets, put a protection for sensitive areas of crops, and if you want a peaceful and serene garden, you can minimize the circulation area, prioritizing crops and decorative details.

Finally, it included in your planning fences, guards and lighting systems as necessary, and consider the various tips that we have given on maintenance and choice of furniture.

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