How to decorate the Nordic way

Nordic style decor or Scandinavian

Native land of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, the Nordic style (also known as Scandinavian) is popular worldwide because of its clean and pure ideas that make a welcoming design in every corner of the home.

If you want to know more about its details to implement it in your space, we have to give these tips.

Nordic style colors

Nordic style is comfortable as well as functional.
Part of white and absolute basis, many on their surfaces and structures as well as in its entirety and furniture. With straight lines and practicality as standard, in this setting the use of functional elements instead of merely decorative is prioritized.

The base is white can add one or two more shades in accents or to give life to the structures. Beige and gray, bone and cream, light blue and dirty white form patterns in wallpapers, carpets create sectoral or complement a bedroom wall with guards or flat paints, to give more vitality to these environments. Splashes of color as dark wood furniture, heavy genres in opaque shades and mirror frames and picture ies wearing the walls, which will be appearing big and clean.

As opposed to these dark hints and white canvas back in the Scandinavian atmosphere decorative elements appear in vibrant colors, sometimes plastic or acrylic, or platters, bowls or functional objects in red, yellow, orange, apple green or blue sea , which focus the energy of the room.

In the furniture, the light and dark skin reminds nature between formality, in upholstery and tablecloths which add beauty to the ethereal background.

Features Nordic style decor

Nordic practicality looking decorative style instead of reloading environments prefer minimalism in the current comfort. Simple forms, horizontal base units and deployments (with straight and pure lines) give sufficient guard site, prioritizing the order and neatness in each space. As vivid detail, flowering plants are a great option as add vitality, joy, warmth and color at specific points.

Almost contrary to the main idea in the Nordic style textiles abound, originally from colder climates. Blankets, carpets, voluminous curtains, bed comforters and fluffy pillows can be part of this decoration, preferably respecting the clean palette or giving space a touch of color.

With regard to merely accessories and decorative objects, finding this functionality use the minimum recommended setting, always in search of a goal as giving joy and warmth to the atmosphere. The landscape paintings can dress walls, like carry-portraits or white lacquered wood, with familiar images in different sizes.

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