How to decorate the Japanese style

Japanese-style decor

Simple, clean and inspiring may be the three pillars that define the decoration in Japanese style. Clearly minimalist trend, every corner of the spaces prioritize the cultivation of the spiritual, the importance of the inner rather than the property, along with the contact with nature around us.

Learn the basics of decoration in Japanese style, and renew your home to a more meditative, relaxing and convenient.

Features Japanese style decoration

We think of Japanese decor and immediately we go back to minimalism. But while they share an appreciation for the simple and the interior, are trends with some differences. Japanese style does not require opulent or ostentatious pieces of art technologies (even though Japan’s is recognized as the most advanced in the world I go). Instead, this setting the open and looking natural.

It is imperative to create the highest possible natural lighting. Large windows and skylights in each room are covered only with light in rice paper curtains, fabrics or natural white colors. To divide the rooms in a Japanese decoration, forget large pieces of furniture, and prefers drawers with bamboo embedded in stone, rice paper screens or hand painted landscapes of fields of cherry blossoms elements.

In the windows, for safety or climate, he prefers blinds and shutters light woods and warm colors such as cherry or lacquered pine.

Furniture to decorate the Japanese style

The furnishings are simple, comfortable, lightweight, short, horizontal deployment. The style invites to minimize the furniture, being enough only to hold the essentials for survival and no ostentation or trade shows assets.

The dining table in elegant and sober forms, and also bed and living room set, you can sit on tatami mats or natural fibers, rather than soft tissues. To apply the precepts of Japanese style, avoid the artificial everything you can.

The furnishings are separated from each other, multiplying the functions of each room to occupy the least possible space, thus prioritizing the free flow of light and energy of the house. Hardwood floors and natural stones help us in this task, as well as clean and light-colored walls. The forms, in turn, will be asymmetric in every room, as is the nature itself.

Nature in the Japanese decor

In Japanese decoration will not miss the connection with other living beings, living together in perfect harmony. Leave aside the concepts of animals in cages, and prefer fish ponds in the garden and open shelves with houseplants that respect unto daily to relax your mind and body.

Want to give convenience to the item? Grow your own herbs or seedlings indoors with flowers of diverse colors.

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