How to decorate the English style

English style decoration

This style of decor is bright and fresh, full of life and prioritizes enjoy every centimeter of home. The details make the absolute role. In a traditional way and even conservative, the English style is intriguing, suggestive, and invites each surface element and to tell their story.

Vintage and retro are a fundamental part of this atmosphere, inspired by the London aesthetics of the 1940s to 1960. The items made by hand, dried flowers and wallpaper on the walls are not lacking in every room, also they are included as part decoration on the walls, serving trays and even small side tables.

Colors and English style furniture

The tones chosen not seek to excel, but give prominence to the elements. Neutrals and pastels are present on the surfaces, giving space to detail in blue, green, pink, yellow and some ochres. Bright artificial colors and textures are avoided, preferring natural and carved by human hand.

To say that the furniture is English style would be redundant, but also a truth. The pieces are filled with details in its finishes, with carved wood (especially in the support of arms, backrests and legs), visible stitching, fittings and handles that combine striking metal, wood and hand-painted ceramics. The furnishing prefer the mystery, taking the form of drawers, cupboards and modular closed guard of all sizes.

Objects to decorate the English style

There are no missing elements in the decoration of English style. From the carved wooden phone booths and double-decker buses (traditional) to ceramic figurines in the English countryside or the London of old (think of Sherlock Holmes) figures. There are also marine clocks on the walls and floor lamps in brass stem, simple and clean, combined with ancient techniques in the light switches or foot.

Other items that can not miss in the English-style decor are the cushions in heavy genres, and the racks with baskets for umbrellas in the entrance portico. Briefcases and trunks can accommodate books with leather covers and gold fonts, classic and elegant, preferably with adventure stories, investigation and mystery.

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