How to decorate the Arab style

Features Arabic style decor

The Arabian decor looking glamor jewels represented in color and textures that resemble them. No shortage of precious stones, gold and crystals, interspersed with metal in yellow and gold colors. Their shapes are bold, adding elements with patterns and intricate carvings.

The color palette starts with the fundamental gold in this style, along with browns and earthy tones. The light copper and bronze are other suitable metallic shades. The image of the jewelry will be represented by the use of emerald green, sapphire blue, yellow topaz, ruby and amethyst purple. Painting with Arabic style, begins a base in yellow and gold colors, and compliments the other tones in the materials.

Arabic decoration materials

Silk is always present, as gauze elegant decorating windows and canopies beds. It seeks to achieve a similar tents in the desert aspect, so the fabrics fall to the ground and settle in it, joining in excess of the ceiling height extremes. Other genres that can be used both in shades and details of the walls are satin, brocade and velvet in deep, rich colors.

The walls are usually plaster, and can be painted in flat or techniques volumizing foam tones and visual texture to surfaces, always two shades of the same color. With regard to furniture, dark wood and wrought iron bronze pieces will be attractive.

On the floor forget about tradition. Choose rustic terracotta tiles, you can decorate with fluffy Persian-style carpets and bulky cushions that allowed to sit on the floor comfortably. On the walls, tiles and ceramics can use star rooms like the kitchen and the bathroom, mingling with the floor, if you prefer.

Wood furniture will always carved, following the patterns of light fixtures and lamps in bronze (or imitation) of large sizes, decorated with fringes and painted glass. decorate the Arab style elements are not lacking in the Arab decorative style, for elegance and sensuality.

Do not forget to decorate with few but important elements in gold (or gold), or using stones and jewelry (real or faux) as fasteners curtains decorating the beds, like tassels on the corners of the cushions and ottomans, or simply disposed in furniture stores dark, to always remember that touch of elegance that knows invite the Arab style.

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