How to decorate objects recycling

Decorating with recycled objects

For home decoration, there is nothing better than to get carried away by instinct, taste and objects and materials we have available. With a little skill and ingenuity, we can create truly original and highly personalized, virtually without spending money decorative objects. In this article we will see how we can turn those unused objects and elements in art for our home.

With the arrival of spring usually do these deep cleanings, where we get rid of large amount of items we keep hoping that we were useful later. Well, that time has come. It’s time to get down to work, and bring life to screws, nails, corks, broken crockery, pieces of wood and others.

Ideas for decorating with recycled objects

An original and fun idea is to create small containers with some wood and glass, to attach them to the walls, creating paintings in tandem or uneven string of decorative elements. To do this, simply we create wood frames (with wooden boards or pieces cut to size) of not more than 7 centimeters thick. Then, on one side of a glass front we subject or acrylic. We can attach it with glue, to create a domestic framework for placement (similar to a portrait format) or secure with metal clips, as if it were a sheet. Then inside we can place the objects we want. Then we Ceramos the back with another glass with a sheet of cork, wood or thick cardboard, and place the most appropriate to hang on the wall element. And it is here that the inventive imagination, and everything that we were about to throw away come into play.

For example, for a male room, a workshop, or garage that sometimes we use as a fourth task, we can create frames of various measures (square, rectangular, even triangular) and fill them with screws, Turkish, washers, nails or whatever have at hand. The available wall unevenly, giving the frame the desired color, and achieve a decor with almost no money.

For example, we can decorate the kitchen creating frameworks that will put old corks, lids of soft drinks, even the beloved badges of drinks. Or, why we can not achieve an amazing sewing for inserting these frames decorated buttons colored wool and thimbles. Anything is welcome in these original exhibitors.

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