How to decorate a Provencal style

Provencal style decor

Often confused with rustic Provencal retains a taste for the natural, but can be defined as more luminous and light in sight. Light elements, simple lines, wavy and windows that invite light to explore every centimeter, are some of the details of this delightful setting, you surely want to know and implement in your home.

Bases of the Provencal style decoration

The Provencal style sits on the natural, simple, in the joy of color and sophistication through the textures and materials.
Pursues a simple goal: to make the visual aspects of country life to urban modernity, by mixing trends, furnishings with personality and sheer genres mixed with natural fabrics.

Provencal colors are always clear and from nature, with touches of red and deep orange, dark woods in small details, or terracotta roofs and exterior floors in contrast with dirty white walls of the interior.

Genres, always natural, are simple as well as elegant, but far from opulent. Paintings, linens, lightweight cotton fabrics for curtains, cloths doubles and spot colors, they can mingle with festoons and curtains in flowered fabrics and country images. Then, it is reflected on screens desk lamps and standing in every room, near fluffy blankets woven crochet or two needles, using wool challenges previous work, to bring joy and color to the common rooms.

Furniture and objects of decoration of Provence

Provencal style furniture combine the light-colored wood with upholstered in natural kinds, genres covered in winter. They can be part of this cheerful and decorating style descontracturado the backs of average height, cozy cushions on beds and sofas, dining tables even that group chairs of different styles or colors.

The pieces of art are fundamental in the Provencal style. They are also very versatile in his choice: imitation fruits and animals in natural fabrics, wood carvings, figurines and bronze and iron aged placed here and there, to give life to every corner.

The tables present in abundance, will not fail to look small lamps in different styles, photo frames ies with embedded wood and metal details, and handmade decorations in the same materials.

As extra guard sites trunks and old suitcases travel, books full of entertaining novels and magazines is chosen. If you have small figurines and delicious items, a glazed cabinet be ideal for display, or a shelf to display simple shapes with vases of fresh flowers, books and everyday items.

Futons with fabric squares linear patterns and colors of sunset make extra seating for evenings with friends, preferably located around the fireplace logs, an important detail in this cozy style decor.

Wicker baskets can hold the bread meals, fresh fruit and vegetables bought at the market, or even memories, wool for your tissues, even old letters or correspondence you should respond.

In the kitchen, the elderly in sight utensils and old steel pots are a special detail of Provencal Provencal style decor.

A simple and cheerful idea is to place the eggs on wicker basket with chips, to become part of the decor, and be sure to always wear a cloth dish towel with country motifs or farm animals.

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