How to cut flowers and bouquets last longer

I have often heard my aunt, professor of botany, which should reduce their flowers at an acute angle with a knife to last longer. I do it every time without fail, but still does not meet my flowers alive for more than two days. Beyond that point, begin to look dull and brown.
Do you often encounter the same problem? I hate buying flowers just because once the flowers have been collected, they will die sooner in the vase on the tree. It’s as good as killing the flowers. And for those who like to keep floral arrangements at home, they have to change at least every three days. Especially if special someone a beautiful bouquet, talented would be daunting to throw away within the next three days, because its flowers became so fallen. But I have some excellent tips to make cut flowers last longer and are still few insider secrets that I managed to score from a few florists in the city.

Ways to make flowers and bouquets last longer

Did you know that? The type of water is placed in the glass really affects the life of your flowers. Use bottled or still water (purified or filtered) instead of tap water. Somehow, he manages to make flowers last longer. Try it.

Add a teaspoon of sugar and bleach in a gallon of water and use it to fill your glass. Bleach ensures that no growth of bacteria in water the flowers wither. The sugar helps the flowers provide nutrients to last longer.

Use warm water into the glass of water during the summer and the temperature during winters to keep the flowers in the vase when they are newly purchased. Helps maintain stable environment to remain fresh flowers. Sudden changes can damage the beauty of its flowers and die faster.

After the previous step, you can later switch to cold water because flowers are known to remain brighter and fresher in colder temperatures. You can even put ice cubes in the water!

Many times I’ve had friends tell me that adding a splash of Sprite, mouthwash an aspirin food or flower (those obtained with the most lines) is also a wonderful way to extend the life of the flowers in the vase. Vodka is also a good remedy to brighten their flowers, other than your mood!

Because aspirin can prevent additional flowers bloom, you can add alum, vinegar or lemon juice instead of water if you want your flowers to bloom more. One can even use a combination of these.

Cut the stems as short as possible so that the water reaches the flower faster and stays cool. Get rid of all the leaves from the stalks when flowers were placed in water and change the water in the glass every day. These tricks will make your flowers last longer.

For Gerber, you can also put a small cut with a sharp knife an inch below that point on the stem where the water level in the vase meets. This helps to facilitate the flow of water to the flower and kept fresh and bright.

Have you heard that dropping a copper in a vase of tulips instantly add life to your appearance and make it last longer? Well, it’s true! It acts as a fungicide and works like magic in tulips.

Also, when making a flower arrangement, try not overcrowding the vase with flowers and leaves too much to promote air circulation. Doing so leaves should not be submerged in water and contaminate it. That also shorten the life of the flowers in the vase.

If you see some dead flowers or leaves in the vase, remove them immediately. Do not let it sit. Emit ethylene gas that will make the flowers fade quickly healthy too.

Keep all bulb flowers like tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, lilies and dahlias separately. Do not mix with other flowers because they are toxic and shorten the life of the other flowers and bouquet will wither more than I expected. Should remain exclusively.

Before placing the flowers in the vase, let stand in a bucket of water filled halfway with water overnight. Allows flower drink plenty of water and filled the stem.

Buy fresh flowers are still in bud or half open early in the morning from your local farmer’s market. They will have a long life and you will be able to see flourish in your vase at home! Even if you are using flowers from your garden, cut them early in the morning when it’s cold.

Did you know that? Flowers like orchids, carnations, daisies, peonies, alstroemeria, zinnias and last longer in vases comparatively to other gladioli. Anthurium is another tropical flower that lasts for weeks! They are great investments if you do not like often change their flowers. However, always remember to clean and disinfect the glass every time you change your floral arrangements. Also, keep your flowers away from direct sunlight will help prevent drying out quickly. The heat will increase the temperature of the water and that is friendly for your cut flowers. As I had mentioned earlier about cutting the stems at an angle, be sure to do so when the stems are immersed in water. Otherwise, the air will make its way through the edge freshly cut stem and block the flow of water reaches the flower. This will make the flowers die sooner. Re-trim the ends of the stems every two days. These are some great ways to make cut flowers last longer. Try them and you will not have to throw your beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements often.

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