How the house in autumn

Autumn decoration

The fall season approaches and the freshness in the home aesthetics asks us for a change, rather tending towards the warm typical of this season. We learn in this note to redecorate and renovate the house to get to the golden season, with simplicity and a budget.

Ideas to decorate the autumn season

Usually we start by painting, but this should not be the case, as is the furniture and decor that will define both the budget and our possibilities.
As we have learned, then, we begin to do a thorough cleaning of the home, to thoroughly evaluate what we can keep and what we want to change.

Furniture. The furniture will be our first focus. Most likely we not change our living room set at each station, but we can assess the necessary spare parts, and even if we change the tone of the varnish or overall color and handles, fittings and upholstery.

Fabrics and upholstery. Then we observe upholstery and other household fabrics including curtains, rugs, decorative pillows and even wall tapestries. Also we pay attention to the pictures and other decorative objects, adding earth tones (browns, beiges, reds and Bordeaux, golden and yellow) to the decor, and limiting ourselves in the use of elements and objects vibrant and bright colors, but not remove them completely. The details in orange, bright red and yellow are ideal for enhancing home decor fall.

Painting. After examining the objects, we pay attention to painting, before final placement. We can choose bright colors, though not strong, to complement the other changes that we make. In the fall they prevail pastel colors, but do not rule out some highlights (and some walls) in strong colors, to enhance the power of the environments.

Lighting. The lighting also varies in this season. The warm low consumption bulbs are ideal, and we can use to install some decorative objects directly on floor (like clay vases with twigs and dried flowers) luminaires. Remember that, when approaching cold weather, spend more time indoors, so we must ensure good lighting ero keep the perception of freedom and clearance.

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