How rented rooms

Renew a rented room

When we rent a property, there are some minor changes we can do, but we can not afford to make any desired changes. Renting houses restricts us in our possibilities of action, but this does not mean you should stop us in our creativity and practicality. Here we discuss some special ideas for decorating apartments for rent, masterfully.

Ideas and advice to renew a rented room


In addition to placing rugs of all types, you can paint. To do this properly, always choose good quality items as well then maybe you should leave it to deliver the rent. Do not do crazy designs, unless you make them with latex paints can then simply removed. The placement of decals is an ideal choice, because then you simply have to remove by hand without damage.


The best way to decorate the tiles without damaging them, is painted. But: decorative acrylic paint them as enamels and lacquers will then be impossible to remove without causing harm to the integrity of the tile. Again, vinyl cuts are ideal for decorating ceramic tiles and any surface.


The walls can be painted in many ways, styles, and with a variety of techniques, no problem. This is because then, and very simply, you just have to give a hand flat paint to deliver flawless holiday and neutral state. Vinyl adhesives are ideal for decorating walls, whether decorative, embossed or faux finishes (wood, metal, stone and other), but avoid placing wallpaper.


Decorate your glazed surfaces with colored glaze. This includes the bowl, the sink, tub and others. The enamel will allow you decorate to your liking and then to return the rental, just need sanding and re-glazing in the original color. You can also supplement them with fabrics, original way.


Believe it to your liking. Change it in place, put pillowcases and blankets Renew a rented room make them functional in your life, and not vice versa. Place racks, shelves and cupboards where you want, and then simply remove them and cover the holes with compound or putty.

And upholstery fabrics

Since change is complicated and expensive, it creates sheaths. Change curtains instead to modify the environments without spending a dime. Change shower curtain fabric by (in front of plastic) to give an ideal appearance, and uses old beach mats to create original curtains.


Replace light switches, lamps and ceiling, handles, knobs, handles and decorations. Make it your own space, always without causing structural damage of some sort.

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