How redecorating fabrics

Home decorating fabrics

With the change of season or the mere fact of having spent time taking the same decor, we feel the need to wash the face to our house, and if we can do so easily without having to take the trouble to paint walls or renew the furniture It will be much better.

This is possible by paying attention to fabric objects scattered around our Home decorating fabrics We talk about curtains, cushions, padding, tablecloths, etc. If we can achieve these objects change small details but big changes.

In the market, we can find a wide range of fabrics and colors, which will enable us to choose the most suitable for our style. We try to maintain a combination of new fabrics with existing furniture and accessories, whether in color, motives or material.

Ideas to renovate the house with fabrics

So, in addition to changing the curtains, pillows, bedding, etc. We can collaborate with the change moving the furniture place and if we dare, Home decorating fabrics.

For example, we can cover the chairs and sofas, or just the colors cambiale cushions, or on the arms of the couch place a sort of way of fabric that make a nice contrast. We must never forget that everything should match the color of floor, carpet or walls, since these are elements that can not change or place or color.

When we want to change a room or study, the first thing to consider when choosing one or another color is like the person who spent his time in there, so that the new change, instead of providing a new look, not you causing an upset. Some colors alter either exciting or depressing to people, it’s best to go with her to choose the desired or make it clear hue which are those for which we do not choose.

It is also important to ask the seller our idea, so we or some recommend washable fabrics stain process, especially for bedspreads, pillows or covers.

While always trendsetting fashion, aesthetics is more important. The latter is the one that will give a touch of class, elegance and fresh look to our home, which is the place where we spend most of the time and where we enjoyed the family.

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