How not to invade weed the garden

Tips to Avoid Weed in the Garden

Those concerned have beautiful gardens with well defined masons know the fight to prevent weeds from invading the fields of roads, flowers or structures. But needless to Apelles to hazardous chemicals or magic tricks, simply a little planning and implementation of these simple tips for success in your garden.

Record these tricks and put them into practice so that the Gardening (chipica), weeds and other unwanted creeping do not occupy valuable space for your favorite flower boxes.

Avoid weeds with special land

To prevent weeds from invading the garden is imperative to restrict and limit their development as much as possible. While the market will find specialized Gardening herbicides and other enemies of the aesthetics of your green spaces, there are also homemade and natural tricks you can apply.

One of them is to prepare the ground well lawn, turning and aerating enough before sowing seeds to possible unwanted weeds perish. Use a simple garden spade and flip up to 30 centimeters of soil. Leave airing two to three days, and fail to nourish with compost, manure or natural product you want to use. Then again remove and accommodates the land, this time adding the seeds of grass or what you’re going to grow.

Individualized stonemasons

It seems virtually impossible to prevent weeds from reproducing, as they travel through the air, in our clothes, in the fur of animals and deposited without too much trouble in our gardens. But you can control them and individualize your planters, to double your efforts to prevent them from invading the beds.

When designing your garden, clean the land of garden beds or paths (or sector to identify). The soil should be completely cleared of elements, and well profiled using a flat shovel gardening. Spikes vertical flat blade around the edge of the stonemason, achieving a depth of 35-45 centimeters, much as you can. Then simply use items to block the way to the roots and creepers and so avoid traveling weeds below the level of crops, much more difficult to eradicate later situation.

Using the same blade, insert the plastic bags you get at the supermarket, which take much longer to degrade (for once, this is a useful quality for this task! ). You can also use black bags or other plastics, and even cartons of milk or other foods, peeled and flattened to create a retaining wall that is below ground level.

To better finish you can cover with very little land, or let the cardboard and plastic stick out just above the ground (thus increasing protection stonemason) and decorate with plastic fence or wood, decorative stones, or whatever you want . This trick is natural, easy to implement, and promises to prevent weeds from invading the garden or anywhere where they are not welcome, and without resorting to hazardous or toxic chemicals to animals, other plants or ourselves!

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