How a living room

Renew a living

Many times we are left with the intention to renew, thinking it would cost us more money than we have, but really, when we want to redecorate, you better imagination than the economy.

If our pocket is pretty thin, but the desire to renew our living room is large, we should not resort to a loan, but our ingenuity as changing some details and furniture, we can achieve a radical change in this environment.

Let’s see how we can change the face of our living.

Ideas to redecorate and renew our living

Armchairs. To begin, we will start to give you a new view of the armchairs, and for that you need not go to buy other, just tapizarlos, you place them a new cover (not too expensive fabrics) or combine with cushions. Other options include dressing with blankets, plain or printed genres, woven folders, etc.

We can also change the seats of hogar for example, by placing a circular way, create an effect of privacy.

Curtains. We will continue with the curtains in the process of renewal of the living. We can change the other also suitable in this sector, fabric houses we will find a variety of materials, colors and costs. Another option is to dye them, paint them or add any smooth or stamped saved. We can also add a woven on the banks to give a touch of elegance saved.

For curtains, muslin is a fabric that is very successful, but it is not necessary to choose it white or natural color, we can also choose stronger colors to achieve something different.

Another idea are the fabric panels, they are cheaper than the curtains (since less amount of fabric needed to manufacture them). These panels hang wires to be driven into the top of the window.

Furniture. The order of the furniture in the living room is also important. Avoid or grouping together many furniture or objects, as it gives the idea of disorder and therefore a more aesthetically ugly little room. To save space, you can change the small coffee table or other small cabinet with drawers.

Colors. By making these changes we must bear in mind that they should match the color of the chairs, walls, floor and curtains, to bring harmony to our new living.

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