Several are the reasons that require rehabilitation works on the sloping roof must, in most cases, at least partially renew the roof waterproof coating. Leverage, the rehabilitation of the sloping roof, even if that rehabilitation does not require full re-coating, to thermally insulate the roof is a good measure that will contribute to energy savings of users of housing and it not only achieved cure defects and injuries affecting the cover but also the creation of energy efficient buildings is favored.

There are two systems of intervention in the rehabilitation of sloping roofs: Rehabilitation of sloping roofs below deck (rehab inside) and rehabilitation abroad. The first one requires the space below deck is accessible or, if that can be practiced a temporary or permanent access, and is, in general, in the placement of the insulating material under the skirt (usually in a projected ) or forged between partition walls (projected or in the form of plates).

Constructive solutions for the rehabilitation of sloping roofs by the common outside are: rehabilitation of low sloped roof tile with expanded polystyrene (EPS), housing rehabilitation inclined projection of polyurethane foam (PUR) on tile or slate and projection elastomer and rehabilitation of sloping roof insulated polyurethane foam (PUR) under tile.
between interventions for rehabilitation outside decks, the most simple, affordable and effective it is one that is made by polyurethane foam projection on tile or slate, since it requires no previous treatments or special aids support. Is the projection of polyurethane foam covered on the original tile, which acts as a support, and subsequent screening of a polyurethane elastomer serving as the insulating protective layer of UV radiation at the same time increases the impermeability of the cover .
between system performance rehabilitation pitched roofs with external insulation polyurethane foam on tile highlights the tightness and continuity in the waterproofing and insulation and eliminating expansion joints.

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