Hortensia Ramos

Among all the wedding flowers, the simplest and most elegant is perhaps hydrangea. These bouquets are the preferred choice for all would be brides for a spring or autumn wedding, as they are readily available during this time of year and also because of the beauty they give to your wedding dress! Yes! Hydrangeas are available in some bright colors to complement the dress of the bride wedding. Scroll down to know more about hydrangeas for wedding bouquets.


To find out exactly how these flowers look, see the photo on the side. In each stem, it is a cluster of small flowers in bloom, which by themselves are similar to round bouquet shape. As hydrangeas are available in a variety of colors that can suit any wedding theme and color. For example, for those who prefer soft pastels, there hydrangeas pink and mauve color. If you prefer something elegant, smooth white bouquets of hydrangeas are the answer. For those of you looking for some strong colors, purple and blue hydrangeas and those with yellow and green tones, orange, burgundy, they are available too!


There are plenty of ways hydrangea bridal bouquets can be created. You can make bouquets with unique colors, as all white or all bouquets of purple. Or you can mix different colored flowers to make flower arrangements. If you look at the current trend, the organization of hydrangea flowers with a variety of other flowers such as roses, lilies, daisies, tulips, carnations, etc. is very popular. If you are planning to give your bridesmaids and bouquets of hydrangea girls also distinguish between her and the bride’s bouquet, making out just Hydrangea bouquet while giving the bride a bouquet of filling and foliage!

To make a wedding bouquet yourself, you need five or six stems of hydrangeas, fillers such as roses and lilies, some greenery such as ivy and leaves, rubber bands and cloth for the mother as satin or lace or network . Start by cutting the stems to be equal, and cut vegetation being used, eliminating any side to side damaged parts. Take the stems and keep them together with the vegetation surrounding them. Insert the loads among the flowers. Make the necessary adjustments so that the field looks around and perfectly formed. After this, tie the stems with a number of rubber bands so that the arrangement remains intact. At the end, take the fabric and wrap it around the stem as creatively as possible to add to the look of the bouquet!


Ideally, you should order the bridal flowers no more than two days before the wedding. Usually hydrangea flowers last four to seven days depending on the climate. If you find the wilting bouquet by following some simple steps will make the flowers alive and fresh new look. Separate each flower stalks and totally immersed in water. It is soaked for about two hours. After that, keep floors in a cool place until they start making floral arrangements.

In addition to making these fields, there are a variety of ways you can make this sweet smelling flower part of your big day. You can create some beautiful centerpieces, placing a few hydrangea flowers in them. Wedding decorations as a decoration or a hallway decorated bow, can be made even more attractive by adding a few hydrangea flowers. A bride can use a single hydrangea stem accessory to create a simple and elegant for her hair. Therefore, if you are planning a wedding in the spring or autumn, add a few hydrangea flowers for a fresh, simple but elegant feeling!

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