Hoods for kitchen

Although the main function of a sucker (and we all have in the head) is to remove smoke that may occur when cooking, it also plays a key role in removing odors, in decreasing moisture and the own fat foods.

Therefore, it is important the correct choice of the hood. In the following article we will discuss the different characteristics that must have the perfect hood for your kitchen.
This will ensure that performs its functions in perfect condition.

The hoods are two different types of suction kitchen evacuation and recirculation. The first expels air from the kitchen to the outside passing it through filters that clean the impurities therefrom.

The second system, the recirculating air absorbs and returns to the kitchen clean. To make it passes through different filters grease, fumes and odors. This type of system makes a vent to the outside is not necessary.

There are also different kinds of bells in their placement. Thus we have bells wall, island hoods and even integrated models under the kitchen cupboard. We also have removable vertical models and bells.

The power of the bell is one of the key elements to consider. This makes the amount of power cubic meters of air in the hood can clean an hour. The power of the bell is fixed depending on the size of the kitchen, and ideally aspire six to eight times the volume of a kitchen.

Another aspect to consider is the noise level. Formerly the more power was the noise, but thankfully that has changed and there are very silent hoods. A level below 60 decibels is perfect for the kitchen.

And the last talk about installing the hood, another fundamental aspects. Whether you have the best market bell then if it is misplaced.

This should be about 60 inches away from the cooker and its size should cover this area completely. The size and placement of the hood have a palpable effect on the extraction of fumes and odors.

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