Flowering shrubs shadow

There are many varieties of flowering shrubs can be planted in the shade. There shrubs, which have clusters of beautiful flowers, some of which are delicate and pretty looking bell like flowers. Here are some of the best bushes and shrubs for shade, you can add to your flower gardens are listed.

Whenever selecting a flowering shrub shade, do some research on their care factors, such as soil, water, pruning, etc. So you can get an idea of how much maintenance flowering shrub required.


These shade shrubs come in many varieties and grow 2-10 feet. This shrub has a beautiful foliage looking and therefore looks stunning even when no berries and flowers. Yellow flowers and cherries, which make it look even more beautiful it gets. Berberis not need special growing conditions and can grow in any soil. Also, do not need much pruning.


These are beautiful shrubs looking with bunches of flowers. They come in many colors such as blue, pink, white, etc grow 4-6 feet and can easily be grown in partial shade or full shade gardens. If you want a colorful border around your home, this is the best option.

Glossy Abelia

These bushes are beautiful hybrids in search of Abelia. They can be easily grown in shady gardens. However, it does not hold in cold weather freezing. They are semi-evergreen and have graceful arching branches. The leaves are dark green and glossy, and flowers are beautiful, bell-shaped and come in pink or white.


These are very beautiful flowering shrubs seeking shade. They can easily be grown in partial shade and have vibrant and bright shades of flowers. They grow up to 10 feet high, but you can keep in better shape by pruning. They are available in several colors such as white, coral, pink, etc


There are about 250 varieties of camellia. Some grow into the standard height of shrubs and some as large as trees grow. So when buying a type of camellia, check how big it grows first. Camellias can grow in full sun, but respond better in partial shade. These shrubs have large, attractive flowers with many petals, and come in many colors.

Mountain-Laurel Arbustos y matorrales Spoonwood

These plants have beautiful flowers. Grow 6-8 feet tall, and are available in various color combinations like white-pink-blue, white and purple, etc. They are great as cut flowers for the formation of borders. However, they need a well-drained soil and do not grow well in wet or clay soils.

Japanese Kerrias

They are very beautiful plants that grow to 3-5 feet tall and has delicate looking flowers, bright yellow. These plants can tolerate partial shade and therefore can be used as ornamental plants to form an edge. Require well-drained soil and grow well in moderate to fertile land.

Blue Mist Shrub

This is a small shrub that grows up to 2-3 feet tall. It has fragrant flowers. When these shrubs are planted in large quantities, are impressive. The big blue sun has deep blue flowers. This shrub is also very attractive to butterflies and tolerates any soil.

Hardy Summersweet

These shrubs shaded areas, require little maintenance and have fragrant flowers. The flowers come in many colors like red, pink, white and deep. It is free of pests and looks stunning when planted in masses. It does well in shady areas and grows to a height of 4-6 feet.

Vinca Minor Vines

It is evergreen plants and do well in shaded areas. They grow up to 3-6 inches, and have very delicate look and blue flowers. If you are looking for some flowering plant ground cover, this is a good choice because they grow very fast.

These were the best selected shrubs, among shrubs can be planted in a shady area. So choose from the list above, any flowering shrubs, and form a beautiful border around your house!

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