Flowering shrubs

Compared with a bright green landscape, some colors of flowering bushes and shrubs can greatly add color and interest to your garden. In addition, make the place look beautiful, and can serve as a focal point in your landscape. However, selection of flowering shrubs should be done properly.
If you mix the fall and spring flowering shrubs, then you will have a landscape that always have some type of flowers that bloom on it. Here is a list of the 10 flowering shrubs and bushes.

Top 10 flowering shrubs

Here are a variety of shrubs of different flowers, some bloom in spring, some in autumn. While some need full sun, while some can tolerate partial shade. So, you can make a selection of flowering shrubs that you like.

Mountain-Laurel Arbustos y matorrales Arbustos y matorrales Mountain Laurels are bushes with flowers good shade. Receive very beautiful flowers, and grow from 6-8 feet. You can find mountain laurels in various combinations of colors like white, pink, white-blue, white-purple, etc

Arbustos y matorrales These shrubs great thick clusters of flowers. They come in various colors, making them grow in different soils you can get flowers of different colors. These serve well as a border around the house.

Kerrias Arbustos y matorrales These are small flowering shrubs that do well in partial shade, they are beautiful plants and have bright yellow flowers. You can use them to form a border or plant them in small groups to serve as focal points.

Arbustos y matorrales These are excellent shrubs for sun flowers. These plants get large flowers, which can be in colors like pink, dark red, purple, yellow or white.

Arbustos y matorrales These plants need full sun exposure. They beautiful and attractive flowers during the spring season. They come in various colors, so you can choose the variety that the color that you like.

Arbustos y matorrales This is one of the most popular shrubs. You can use them as focal points, by planting a lilac here and there, or create a striking edge. These are hardy plants that do well in the sun. They can be trimmed in any way.

Arbustos y matorrales Gardenia are large evergreen shrubs. They must be planted on a site that gets good amount of sunlight. These plants are crystal flowers with pearl color, and the leaves are glossy and green. These two colors provide excellent contrast. These are hardy plants, so good for novice gardeners.

Regent Arbustos y matorrales Regent serviceberry is a small shrub excellent flowering. It has soft green colored leaves and tiny white flowers. It grows only 4-6 meters high. The extension of this shrub is similar to standard.

Arbustos y matorrales These are small shrubs, and if you are looking for some small bushes and then consider these. They can be pruned to maintain a small size. This plant grows in different types of soil and light conditions.

White Butterfly Arbustos y matorrales These are beautiful shrub with white flowers, and a good choice if you are looking for autumn flowering shrubs. This shrub grows 5 feet tall, and the same in width. It has panicles of fragrant white flowers. This plant attracts different butterflies and other beneficial insects. If you do not want a flowering plant white, then purple butterfly bush is an attractive option that can be considered.

Some other shrubs with beautiful flowers

As previously were the top 10 flowering shrubs, here are more flowering shrubs and bushes that you can consider.

Purple Butterfly Bush

Daphne Laurel

Mountain Laurel

Honeysuckle Red Rum

Dogwood Redosier



Glossy Abelia



Vinca Minor Vines

Bottlebrush Buckeye

Kerria Japonica


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