Flower Food

You know you have fertilizer, mulch, compost, manure and various products that are formulated for the purpose of optimal plant growth? Similarly, there are flower food is formulated for the purpose of flower health. And the flowers that we refer to here are not those growing in the flower gardens, but which have been cut and used for arranging flowers in vases. There are different types of foods that are available to help increase the lifespan of these cut flowers.
How food for cut flowers for help and what are the benefits of flowers? That is exactly what we should be learning in the article that follows and is also supplied with certain recipes of it.


Increases Life

The most important thing the food flower makes for cut flowers is to help increase the life of the flowers (according to florists). The flowers are not getting the nutrients from the plant because they have already been cut. Flower food aid in supplying nutrients, so that the life of flowers in a striking percentage increases. Another way in which the life of the flowers increases is because food helps reduce the acid content in the water and therefore helps the stems of the flowers last longer. Which also leads to enjoying the flowers longer and get money penalty itself.

Keeps color

Along with the increase in plant life, the other important thing that foods make flowers is that they help make the flowers generally healthier so that the colors of the flowers are intact and fresh. Unlike those flowers that end up losing color and wilt after a day has passed.

Prevents Diseases

This also keeps the feed water free of bacteria and fungus accumulation. These microorganisms eat the stems and thus begin the process of decomposition of the flower. Since this food prevents the flowers last longer.

Save Money

The ingredients used in the manufacture of this food products refer to low cost appliances such that the preparation is easier and very cheap. Along with that, since the flowers last longer, there are also a lot of money saved by delaying the purchase of fresh flowers.


Here are some simple recipes that can be used for flowers from you. These act as perfect substitutes flower food.

Recipe flowers 1

Use a mixture of white vinegar (2 tablespoons) of chlorine bleach (½ teaspoon), sugar (2 tablespoons) and hot water (1 quart). Mix it all up and use.

Recipe flowers 2

Use white sugar (1 tsp) lemon juice (2 teaspoons), bleach (1 tsp) and warm water. Mix it all up and use.

Recipe flowers 3

Use white vinegar (2 tablespoons), bleach (½ teaspoon), sugar (2 tablespoons) and warm water. Mix well and use.

How to use

Along with the use of these recipes, you can also employ certain steps to make life flower increased further. The following are some tips.

Always use hot water as a medium. The stems are better able to absorb the ingredients through this medium.

Keep the vase absolutely clean so that no growth of bacteria that cuts nutrients flowers.

Cut the stems at a slant so that there is more surface area for the plants to absorb nutrients.

Keep the glass in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Clean stems so that no hanging leaves in water. This will only encourage rotten and spoil the water.

Change the water every 2-3 days and add special meal every time you do.

Flower food helps increase the life of flowers and helps to keep them fresh and healthy. That is why there is a need for every lover of flowers recognizes the importance of it and start using it in the care effective flower.

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