Floating garden to grow herbs

Benefits of herbs

To enhance the flavor of your dishes every day, nothing like herbs. They are easy to grow, and you need not give them too much attention: A warm, proper irrigation and some natural light a day is all you need to survive, develop, and collaborate with your food.

Another advantage is that the herbs need not be outdoors to develop, but with a little fresh air a day is sufficient, and this makes them suitable for growing indoors.
Nor they require large beds or garden a small space radiant enough to have them at home.

In the market there is a huge variety of culinary herbs in small flowerpots, ready to be replanted or developed right there. In addition, they need not be at ground level, so they are ideal for growing in the lintels of the windows, or hanging elements, as discussed below.

Hanging cans to grow culinary herbs

To make a floating herb garden use cans. When you use, go by washing and storing them in a suitable place. For each pot of herbs you need two cans, one larger than the other barely.

Clean and dry and without their labels facing four holes beam on the upper edge of the cans, in pairs, ie two only spaced perforations, and the perforations two opposite edge, in a symmetrical layout. For them it will thin to sustain ropes or chains.

The next step is to make perforations in the base of the smaller can. Add a few stones and organic material (egg shells, dried leaves) and transplanted grass acquired there in the market. Watered and left inside the kitchen sink to drain and drain the excess water, as we continue with other work.

Decorations: Wash and dry larger the can, and then decorate it to your liking. Follow your instincts: You can brush with universal glue and sprinkle with glitter, gems and adhere elements painted with enamel paint color you prefer, cover with paper or cloth, and even decorate with threads and sequins.

Armed: Take two long pieces of rope or chain. Tie a knot in one end and passes from inside and out through one of the holes of the smaller can, then from inside and out of the larger can. Leave a free section, and repeat going from outside and from within, first by the large can and then the small, ending with another knot to secure. Do the same in the other two holes, making sure the remaining sections of rope or chain are the same size.

Finally, put some nails in the top frame of the window or hanging cans curtain rod. To abide by the chain up to the edges, the smaller can be suspended inside large, it will take over irrigation water without dirt at home. Do not water too much and, if this happens, just raised a little small can and tip the largest, to remove excess before its decay.

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