FLAT ROOFS not passable

TYPES COVERED not passable

Are different classifications can be made decks based on its use, its geometry, the provision of materials, covered If we classify according to the use to which they are intended can differentiate between: flat roofs covered and not passable. between the flat roofs we are not first sloping roofs that its geometry is designed to allow only necessary for maintenance work by qualified personnel and some types of flat roofs in which the protective layer or finishing allows access only eventual movement of persons and Aislamiento Térmico or vehicles.

Recall that the topcoat and protection serves to protect the waterproofing or the thermal insulation of ultraviolet rays and to prevent and avoid any possible wind suction.
Different materials are used for the formation of this layer of protection for flat roofs: Light slabs, slabs filter, different kinds of tiles, gravel. Let’s see here the main types of non-passable flat roofs:

Inverted roof with gravel protection:

Type flat roof transitablecuya no protective layer is formed by gravel or boulder which prevents the effect of wind suction lift thermal insulation plates. this type of roof is usually place a antiraices layer to prevent the growth of plants between the boulder or gravel.

Flat green roof.

Type flat roof not passable whose protective layer is formed by a layer of soil about nesting different types of plants and vegetables.

Cover flooded flat:

Flat roofs such element which serves as a protective layer is water whose function is to serve as ballast and protection for the waterproofing. Considered a variant ajardinadade cover difference by which consist of a vat or pool of water instead of vegetation.

Not passable cover tamper:

Flat roof transitablede not thin thickness which is usually used for coating overhangs or canopies. Films used as protective element made based mineral granules, any type of metal coating of plastic films or pvc.

Cover flat deck or industrial

Very light type of flat roof not passable commonly used in those coverings that require a minimum slope (between 1 and 3) such as the covers of the industrial plants. Its weight does not exceed 10 kg Aislamiento Térmico m2 and is composed of a metal sheet, a thermoacoustic insulation and a waterproofing finish.

The design of building systems based on this type of roofs, non-walkable flat roofs must contemplate the fact that even when such covers are not intended for frequent transit, require maintenance and repair in some cases so measures to protect the waterproofing membrane and Aislamiento Térmico or insulation must be tightened to prevent damage and punctures.

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