Fiber cement COVERS


The cement is a material used in construction, consisting of a mixture of a hydraulic inorganic binder (cement) or calcium silicate binder formed by the chemical reaction of a siliceous material and a calcareous material, reinforced with organic fibers, mineral and Fiber cement COVERS or synthetic inorganic fibers.

For the manufacture of cement, originally asbestos was used as a reinforcing fiber, but with the emergence of the problems caused by asbestos attempted to replace it on the covers of cement by other types of fibers: cellulose fibers, glass, vinyl , but without much success in the results.

Cement covers (commonly known as corrugated roofs) now beginning to incorporate the glass fibers AR (alkali-resistant) glass fiber only capable of resisting cement alkalinity.
Zirconium is obtained by adding the sand casting process to glass in amounts ranging from 14 to 19 concentration.
The main features of cement Fiber cement COVERS waterproof, easy to be cut and perforated, are lightweight and economical and come in a wide variety of plain or wavy formats (large or small wave), ribbed, corrugated or self-supporting, of varying lengths and enables the production of special parts single elements on the cover. Usually are fiber cement sheets for roofs are flat but can also be found curved cement plates with established radios.

The cement is used not only as a finishing material for covers (cover not only passable with minimum inclination of 10), but also used for the construction of many structures such as warehouses and livestock buildings (cement sandwich panels), as Support for coating exterior walls (panels for ventilated facades) and in the manufacture of pipes for pressurized water (pipes, drainpipes).

Covers rehabilitation of cement containing asbestos, is subject to special rules due to the high risk associated with inhalation of asbestos microfibers (why has tried to replace this material fiberglass). The most constructive solution used in the rehabilitation of cement is covered polyurethane projection below or above the deck of cement. But only it recommended when the cover due to the passage of time has weakened and no major damage, because with the projection of polyurethane over or under the cubiertase get a repair of the roof, consolidating, increasing its strength and eliminating the risk of landslides or emission of hazardous substances (asbestos). If damages are very large complete disassembly and replacement of the roof of cement it is recommended.

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