The facades and structural elements of the building is not just a structural element functions as building envelope giving users the same housing the necessary protection but also in many cases have to answer if we want the facades of our communities neighbors are attractive to criteria of aesthetic functionality.

While an owners of new construction can have a very attractive facade for having a very aesthetic and harmonious faade, the passage of time and the action of certain agents can affect not only the aesthetics of the facade but also their main functions, leading to the appearance of lesions to be assessed by determining not only the cause but also the severity of the injury in order to remedy as soon as possible but we want these lesions cause serious damage not only on the structural features of the facade but also in aesthetics.

There are several causes that affect the facades causing injury to themselves: mechanical causes (actions and unforeseen forces on the front), physical (atmospheric conditions that affect the facades), chemical (action of different chemicals on the facade) undetected or prior injuries that cause secondary damage to the facade.

It is important to keep in mind when evaluating injuries facades that in addition to the direct causes listed above, there are a number of injuries on the facades, calls indirect causes whose presence and partnership with the direct causes of injuries facade increase the chance of a pathological process and injuries on the facades.
Between the indirect causes of injury on the facades are: causes of project (errors in the choice of materials and design errors of the facade), causes execution (construction techniques inadequate or improper performance of the facade), causes the material (use defective materials in the laying of the facade) or maintenance reasons (improper use or improper maintenance of the building facade).

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