Of the construction elements of the buildings, the facade, for being the external face is the element that most affect environmental factors and requires more maintenance because the lack of it can lead to the appearance of lesions facade of the community, ultimately involve risks of landslides from one of the constituent elements of the facade. The removal of the lesions in the facades of the community of owners is unbeatable for work in community rehabilitation thermal occasion.

Major injuries that may appear on the facades of the communities are divided into three types: dirt injuries, injuries cracks and landslides and moisture lesions.
Depending on the type of injury, rehabilitation of the facade of the community will require the execution of a series of works or Humedades and in the case of injuries fouling first thing to do it is clean the facade, being able to choose different cleaning systems facades.
Injuries cracks and detachment is essential replenishing the detached parts of the facade and the elimination of cracks and fissures before applying a new coating layer. The moisture on the facades of neighboring communities are treated with procedures designed primarily to remove the source of moisture in the facade later and after performing drying the same apply some kind of waterproofing material for facades.

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