Curtain walls

The term curtain wall refers to a type of fachadaligeraque as such should only bear the burden of its own weight. It is a construction system in which an auxiliary structure by anchors and supports made of steel on which light weight elements engage, transfer loads is achieved facade resistant to the building structure. The result, a generally light, glazed, independent of resistant wall of the building and the necessary elements for the protection, open and accessible self-supporting Aislamiento Térmico built to withstand the wind and its own weight, and transmit it to the floors.

Perfileria curtain wall view

The materials used in facade systems based on curtain walls are for anchors and structural elements supporting rolled steel profiles curtain wall and cladding elements stainless steel, galvanized steel or aluminum sills insulating materials with exterior finishes of different types and qualities. Depending on the main building structure and function of the varying predominance of horizontal or vertical lines of facade rated curtain walls down: view structure or would outline view in which from the outside of the facade can be seen metal racks that support the curtain wall and hides the front curtain wall structure or structural silicone, which are hidden outside the racks so that they are only visible from the inside of the facade.

Structural silicone curtain wall

Like any constructive system for cladding curtain walls must meet the basic requirements set out in the technical building code (CTE) must ensure sealing, thermal and acoustic insulation. But also in the case of curtain walls it is necessary that the elements of the systems to be easily replaced one by one and in the auxiliary structure and elements of the enclosure must provide for a water drainage system. Likewise, the amount of the auxiliary structure must have a system of thermal break in the curtain walls.

Strength and rigidity to withstand the horizontal forces that will be subjected without deforming, tolerance to allow expansion and contraction due to thermal expansion of both the cladding material and the wall structure support on which is fixed and counting a sun protection system to prevent excessive direct sunlight in hot weather are also mandatory requirements on systems based facades curtain walls.

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