Rehabilitation of facades usually referred to work to repair damage or injury in the same or simply to perform a cleaning of the facade and usually refers to the entire facade without differentiating between the facing and the different elements that may be unique on the facades. The facing, considered as the solid part of the facade, made of various materials (stone, brick, concrete), with or without coating and made with different construction techniques can be divided into three different parts: the top or crown, the middle part and the base or bottom which is left in contact with the ground.

Each of them may exist, depending on the structural characteristics and aesthetics of the facade a series of unique elements or discontinuities of the facade, which require special treatment both in the rehabilitation of the facade and its maintenance as these are areas which stresses may cause cracks and crevices in the facing accumulate.

Between the unique elements of the facade we are:

Gaps or openings: perforations or openings in the facing. There are several elements in the holes that require special treatment, joints lintels, jambs, gutters, shutters stone blocks, with carpentry.
Protruding elements such as balconies, galleries, eaves, cornices, canopies. and which is necessary to monitor the anchor (fastening system to the wall), the protective elements (rails), the (outgoing external prominent element) auction and the state of the cantilever (use surface between the facade and the element protection).

Ornamental and added as awnings, planters elements For these unique elements of the facade must regularly inspect the attachment element to the wall, the state of degradation of the material (corrosion state of the canvas in the case of tarpaulins) and Drainage system (in the case of planters).

The rehabilitation of the unique elements of the facade will depend on the outcome of the inspection to be made thereof. If on inspection the unique elements of the facade are badly damaged or refund the total replacement thereof as may be necessary in cases of slight damage may be sufficient for the rehabilitation of the unique elements repair or partial replacement.

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