Facade maintenance COMMUNITIES


The ventilated faade is a constructive solution for the exterior faade cladding system of community-based coating on the outer wall of the building that creates an air chamber between the wall and the external cladding or coating used. As construction system for the cladding of the communities has many advantages: they provide significant energy savings, thermal insulation, sound insulation, ease of placement that reduces labor costs and execution times, protection of the internal structure against the direct action of atmospheric agents.

But if something makes profitable ventilated facades in a condominium is the ease of replacing damaged parts that facilitates the work of rehabilitation in ventilated facades and poor maintenance of ventilated facades needed for conservation in good condition thereof.

The maintenance of the ventilated faade should begin straight after the siting of the ventilated facade, at which time he must perform cleanup dirt caused by dust generated in the process of laying the ventilated facade . This cleaning is performed using pressurized water starting from the top of the ventilated facade and descending downward to reach the ground.

After the initial maintenance of ventilated facade the homeowners must perform periodic and annual maintenance consisting of a visual inspection to detect cracking or fissures or any other type of injury ventilated faade such as excessive erosion of isolated parts or cloths, loss of mortar between the joints, or appearance of damp spots on the facade. In addition to these annual maintenance tasks in ventilated facades cleaning every five years of all the ventilated facade, cleaning will be performed by qualified personnel by the usual methods of pressure washing with water is necessary.

While it is true that in general terms the maintenance of ventilated facades in the communities and in the absence of major injuries requiring rehabilitation, is easily achievable and is inexpensive since it can simply perform to clean it each five years, a number of important recommendations for such cleaning. among them:

Cleaning and maintenance of ventilated facade must take into account environmental factors as the frequency with which it must carry out the cleaning depends on the degree of dirt in those areas where the Pollack Mantenimiento Edificios, maintenance and cleaning You should be performed every two Mantenimiento Edificios and when the degree of pollution is moderate can be done every 5 years.

Should not use solvents or other chemicals for cleaning and maintenance of ventilation facades, except for dirt caused by graffiti or the like in which case common solvents such as acetone are used.

Good maintenance of ventilated faade also requires a complete clean air chamber located between the bearing wall and the facing sheet to prevent dirt that can accumulate on the top of the ventilated facade start to decrease the effect of ventilation and the properties of the ventilated facade are affected.

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