Energy Certification

Rent or sell a house or a required building from the past1 June that the dwelling or building have a certificate of energy efficiency should be made available to prospective tenants (in this case only one copy of the certificate will be issued energy efficiency) and home buyers in the time of making the contract, the certificate can not be requested once the purchase or lease.

The energy certificate shall be valid for ten years and the sanctions in case of non compliance rules eta between 300 and 6,000 euro fine. It is mandatory for all new buildings and communities of owners to make a rehabilitation of their building as long as the surface of the building exceeds 1,000 m2 and rehabilitation affecting more than 25 of their total closings.

There are some exceptions to this rule such as houses that are rented for less than 4 months and insulated buildings with less than 50 m2 time.

This certificate aims to be a tool for buyers and renters compare the energy efficiency of buildings and the energy rating of the edificiosse becomes an added value of homes.

According to Royal Decree Certificación Energética, of 5 April, they are only competent for issuing technical certificates efficiency architects, surveyors and engineers, although the decree the possibility that other technical (Technical Assistant process is left open energy certification of buildings) with appropriate professional qualifications may issue energy certification of existing neighboring communities.

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