The energy rating of a neighboring community or a particular housing is obtained by calculating the energy consumption needed to meet the energy demand of the building in normal operation and occupation. Classifies buildings into a 7-point scale from less efficient (letter G) to the more efficient (point A). For the energy rating takes into account the CO2 emissions of the building in relation to that are similar in type and location.

Once you know the energy rating of a building can improve their energy performance through the adoption of a series of measures such as, waterproofing and thermal insulation of roofs and facades.

Certificación Energética works or does not do, once you know the energy rating of the building and the corresponding certificate is issued suconsiguiente label.

With the entry into force of the new law approving the procedure for certification of energy efficiency of buildings (Royal Decree Certificación Energética of April 5) are required to obtain this certification:

The new buildings.

Existing buildings that are sold or rented to a new tenant. The obligation extends to the case that is rented or part of a building is sold, either a house plant or housing belonging to the Owners a local and that this intended for separate use.

Publicly owned buildings occupying a surface area greater than 250 m and are frequented by the public.

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