Recent studies on the energy efficiency of our homes and neighborhoods concluded that 80 of the Spanish buildings are energy inefficient which is a great waste of energy, with the consequent impact on the economy not only of users of housing and communities of owners but also on the environment.

Despite the administration’s efforts aimed at promoting the rehabilitative works, efforts in the past year managed to be increased by 8 energy rehabilitation works of a condominium and housing, yet the vast majority of Spanish building stock (approximately 93) has an energy rating label with the letter G or E, the two worst, which highlights the poor energy efficiency of our own communities and homes.

Pending the submission by the government of the settlement and justification of the funds dedicated to the so-called 3R: Rehabilitation, Regeneration and Urban Renewal, about 218 million euros for the rehabilitation of 54 specific areas of action, neighborhood communities and owners housing available for the second year of aid in the form of loans for housing rehabilitation, improving accessibility and improving energy efficiency of buildings.

The basic requirements to access these aids: a community of owners, community group or sole owners of buildings which have a pre-1981 old with a total area devoted to residential use of housing more than 70.

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