Energy Efficient Buildings


The last legislative provisions on construction and rehabilitation of buildings lead to the need to plan and contain elements to ensure the energy efficiency of the same. And it is reflected in the First Conference on Insulation Materials and ergy Efficiency in Buildings held last October in Madrid.

Main objective of this Conference was to present developments in the techniques and materials used for insulation of facades ycubiertastanto in new buildings and existing buildings, with special attention to profitability Certificación Energética them.

They are already several Congresses and events that have taken place throughout the Spanish geography whose main theme is the energy efficiency of urban park.

Unaislamiento efficient heat provides great advantages: variation of the temperature inside the house depending on the outdoor temperature, energy saving, problems resulting from the condensation of water vapor surface (mold, odors, humidity, . . . ) are avoided improve welfare conditions. .

Vecinosque go arehabilitar LaComunidad of your property, you should look at the privacy of your building as an investment for the future as the cost of it is minimal in relation to the total cost of rehabilitation, given the long half-life of insulating materials and the many benefits they bring to the buildings.

The findings all point in the same direction. Restore a means of providing it with thermal insulation is critical to building in achieving efficient homes and buildings.

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