Royal Decree Certificación Energética, of 5 April, approving the basic procedure for certifying the energy efficiency of buildings is approved, it establishes the procedures and requirements for obtaining the certificate of energy efficiency of buildings mandatory all new buildings and in the case of existing buildings, this procedure must be signed by a competent technician.

The purpose of certification is to inform the energy performance of the building, and offer solutions to improve the behavior.

The energy performance certificate is a document that verifies the energy rating and ranks the housing communities according to their energy performance on a scale of letters, from A (more efficient buildings) to G (least efficient buildings) and always accompanied a label that reflected that rating.

To the community of neighbors it is important that their buildings have obtained the certificate of energy efficiency, since the new law states that are required to be certified, all the buildings or parts of buildings (as part of a building are included local, plants or homes with separate legal personality or independent use), which are rented or sold to new owners Certificación Energética tenants.

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