Royal Decree Certificación Energética of 5 April approving the basic procedure for certifying the energy efficiency of buildings, both for new construction and for existing communities of owners. The aim of this procedure is to promote energy-efficient buildings that help to save energy and supposed buyers and Certificación Energética or users may provide information on the energy characteristics of the community or housing provided by the energy performance certificate, which to assess and compare their performance.
energy certification procedure established communities, Chapter II, the technical and administrative conditions for obtaining energy certificate among which are specified by the content aside at least be collected on the same and on the other, different procedures for energy rating of communities existing owners.

On procedures for qualifying energy efficiency of buildings, two options are considered: the general and the simplified option, must in any case comply with the basic requirement of documents recognized by the Ministries of Industry, Tourism and ergy and Development and registered in the general register of documents recognized for the certification of energy efficiency of the Ministry of Industry and Tourism ergy. It is established as the reference software for obtaining the energy performance certificate Calener program.

Contents of Certificate

Identification of the building.

Technical data and certifying promoter Certificación Energética owner.

Using the building, occupancy and operating conditions.

Indication recognized procedure used to produce the energy rating.

Indication of the applicable regulations.

Description of the energy characteristics of the building: Surround facilities.

Rating the energy efficiency obtained.

For existing Communities must also contain:

A description of the tests, inspections and checks have been carried out by the specialist.

A document containing the recommendations provided for improving the energy rating.

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