Electric candles made with Lights

How to Make Electric Candles Christmas Lights

Electric candles have been around for years and have quickly become a classic of the romantic and classical decoration. If you want to decorate your home without flames, no smoke and no danger, then learns to make electric candles with Christmas lights using this simple technique and circulating these bulbs that we use only towards the end of the year.

Items needed to make electric candles

The deciding factors are the Christmas lights.
Best if they are LED, but you can put to use you have, even those that were cut and have been too short for pine.

For each light you are going to use, you will need:

– 1 tube of stiff cardboard (which comes in rolls of kitchen plastic wrap, for example)
– Toilet paper not printed (or tissue paper handkerchiefs)
– 1 sponge
– Hardening solution (two parts white glue and one part water tap, well mixed)
– Two circles just cardboard larger diameter than the cardboard tube
– Sierra hogar (or other element to cut the cardboard)
– Latex or acrylic paint
– Plastic fillings (or candle wax, you’ll see how to use it)
– 1 tablespoon of uncooked rice or pebbles, to give weight
– Scissors
– Colorless universal glue

Step by step, how to create candles with Christmas lights

Cut the cardboard tubes at the height you want to make electric candles. Measure and cut the cardboard disks or cardboard, then cut small slits on the sides to create a kind of fringe.

Place the disk on the table, glue on their jagged edges, and above the hogar folds the fringes and hold them while the glue dries. With scissors, make a hole at the center of the disk, and passes a Christmas light around until it rears above.

Put the rice into the tube and close the top, repeating the procedure with the other disk cardboard, also through the LED before adhering to the tube. If there are other Christmas lights, you remove them so they do not light up inside the tube.

When dry the adhesive, prepare the hardening solution and covers the entire tube with small pieces of tissue paper, impregnating it with the liquid and pressing with the sponge, to take a more interesting texture. Let dry to perfection, and then creates drops of melted wax droplets dropping plastic fillings lowered with a little water or dropping drops of paraffin (a lighted candle) on the sides of your electric candle.

Yet as dry, decorative acrylic paint using natural and light colors (if you use paraffin drops you need to use ink, paint synthetic enamel or gourmet food coloring), and corrects any imperfections of the paper using paint moisture.

Finally, you just need to dry everything and put online anywhere. In your next meeting, remember to turn on these electric candles with Christmas lights, and insurance will be the focus of the entire match.

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