Drying flowers

View a bloom flowers is a real pleasure for me, especially if they have memory associated with it, but his withering away makes me feel horrible. I’ve always wondered if there is a way to preserve these flowers. Of course, I know that the flowers bloom and fade to make room for others to flourish, and no way to hold on to the freshness and fragrance of a flower forever, but the concept of drying flowers allows me to hold on to the memory and is an excellent way for me to try my hand at a new hobby.
You should try it too. In addition, the dried flowers can either add an interesting touch to your decor, and you will never be out of flowers at home.

Drying of her favorite flowers at home can be an art project fun, which is inexpensive and much is yours to decide. There are a number of ways that one can use to dry flowers. But before we get to them, some tips to ensure you get the best results.

The best time to dry flowers is naturally during the summer or autumn.

Select a combination of good color, and flowers that are in different stages of development.

Note that the flowers tend to be more open when it is drying.

Colors like blue, purple, orange, pink and violet retain their best red, yellow and white colors to dry.

Collect healthy flowers only in the morning, when fresh.

While cut flowers meant for drying, make sure that the stems are enough to stick together.

Some flowers have weak stems, therefore, must be removed and replaced with the florist wire flower before drying.

A variety of flowers to choose from, Chinese lanterns, cornflowers, evergreens, Ageratum, globe amaranth, hydrangeas, Yarrows, allium, thistles, bells of Ireland, baby’s breath, etc.

How to dry flowers at home

Air Drying flowers Drying is the oldest technique used for drying flowers. Make clusters of 5-8 flowers. De-leaf stems, and tie the bundles together about two and three inches from the ends of the stems. Hang upside down in a dry place with plenty of air and light circulation, but at home forever. It takes about three to four weeks for the flowers to dry completely.

In the Drying flowers The temperature of a microwave oven microwave oven varies, and then again from flower to flower. Therefore, running a few tests before getting the correct mechanics. Place the flowers in a paper towel in the large plate and place the flowers placed inch In another bowl of microwave, a little heavier to prevent the flowers from curling as it warms. Dried flowers on high for 2-6 minutes. Remove and let cool.

In a Drying flowers The flowers pressed between the pages of a book is perhaps the best score you can make and use, or even gifts. Pressed flowers can be used for a wide range of paper crafts and decoration. Select flowers that have thin petals, even for a pressing. Defoliating leaf is not essential. However, make sure that the power is not too long. Sandwich a fresh flower and leaves between layers of absorbent material (porous) material such as newspapers, paper tissue or just the pages. Stack of several other books on the book of portable flowers in a warm, dry place. The flower is dried and uniformly pressed within a couple of weeks.

With silica Drying flowers Silica gel is an excellent desiccant (drying agent). Its use is most favored for drying because flower remove moisture desiccants flowers quickly and naturally, without interfering with the natural form of flowers or shape compared to other drying methods. Silica gel is a white substance, sometimes mixed with blue crystals. Absorbs moisture from the flowers properly. In a bowl, add a thick layer of silica gel, place flowers on it and completely covered with silica gel more. Cover the container must be airtight. Each dried flowers in different number of days, depending on their size and the moisture level in the petals or leaves. Remove flowers after they have dried, at least 2-4 days and gel scrub all of them.

Drying of exotic flowers can be fun and a way to make some extra money. These dried flowers can be used to decorate gifts or crafts.

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