Aluminosis in concrete structures

Aluminosis concrete also called fever is one of the conditions that may occur in concrete structures, especially in the joists of the floor of buildings. This injury is due to the aluminous cement (CAC-R) used in the manufacture of some joists, cement containing a high concentration of alumina chemical changes caused to certain agents, altering the physical and chemical properties of the cement.

Concrete structures manufactured using this type of cement rich in alumina and the effect thereof if certain environmental conditions such as high temperatures or high humidity undergo certain changes in their properties, namely occur, happen to have a structure hexagonal to cubic, which ultimately affects their strength and porosity so the stability and security of the building is compromised.
Another important factor in the development of lesions in concrete structures by aluminosis factor is the use of chloride rich water to prepare cement.

Because high temperatures and the presence of humidity the determinants of changes in concrete structures made of cement with alumina, factors was in buildings located in marine environments where humidity is higher where they found the first cases of this Building Pathology: aluminosis.

But not only in buildings in coastal areas can shew Construcción to be a pathology of concrete which increases the porosity thereof, in all areas of the houses in which the presence of water is greater, such as kitchens and bathrooms, is likely the appearance of lesions in concrete structures derived from aluminosis.

The occurrence of cracks and fissures in both non-structural building elements estructuralescomo is one of the first symptoms of the presence of aluminosis in concrete structures. A good differential diagnosis of the origin of such cracks and fissures, download some of the possible diseases that affect buildings and thus establish the most suitable plan for each of these diseases rehabilitation.

The case of concrete structures affected aluminosis be needed in addition to the visual inspection of the damage a series of tests and chemical analysis to determine the level of resistance of concrete structures. Rehabilitation of structures affected by the aluminosis requires that such structures are replaced with more resistant which sometimes requires the demolition of the building although there are other alternatives to the structural rehabilitation of the aluminosis.

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