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Eliminate insects without insecticides Plant

When we think how to eliminate insects from plants, we often imagine spraying with insecticides, as they do in the fields to spray. However, it is not necessary to reach this end. You can control pests naturally, without using chemicals not only harm the plants, but also your health and your family.

The good news is that organic gardening provides good ecological techniques to make your park look really nice. Always choose natural methods to cure and home plants.

Tips for removing insects from plants

The most common insects that attack plants are:

Aphids: They suck sap from the leaves and buds. There are over 30 different species and also secrete a sugary substance that attracts ants and allows the sooty mold fungus settles on the leaves. They appear when there is dryness in the environment.

Mealybugs: also absorb plant sap and the stems and leaves stick. Like previous attract ants and fumagna fungus.

Caterpillars and worms: There are different types, such as cutworms of leaves, variegated cutworm, white worm, weevils or wireworms. Many attack during the night and that is why a good prevention is required.

How to combat insects naturally

Besides keeping as clean as possible garden or park, you can eliminate insects from plants naturally, taking advantage of the benefits of certain ingredients or species. The most effective are:

Nettle has natural insecticide properties and also a number of acids that repel insects. Make a decoction with a handful of dried nettle in two liters of water for 20 minutes. Strain into a bottle with dispenser and plants sprayed with it.

Garlic: Your insecticides and antifungal properties are truly exceptional. It serves most plant diseases. Make an infusion with four heads of garlic cut per liter of water. Filtered and placed in a spray bottle and then sprayed on stems, flowers and leaves.

Rice: It’s great to eliminate ants from your roses, for example. You simply have to place unpolished rice (also known as medium grain or party) at the base of the earth. Ants this food, which ferment in their habitat will be.

Snuff: To eliminate insects from your plants, as is the case of scales, can soak a handful of leaves per liter of water snuff. If you want to add 10 grams of white soap. Sprayed with this mixture, diluted in four liters of water. Be careful with this home remedy because toxic cigarette can damage the plant.

Citrus: They are also very good at getting rid of ants. Arrange orange peel, tangerine or grapefruit around the plant. These insects love their taste and not Deleting Insect Plant with your plants.

Alcohol: It is a good option to remove insects, particularly scale insects. Applied directly with a cotton swab on the leaves that have this pest. You can also make a mixture with 500 ml of water, 500 ml of alcohol and half a head of garlic crushed. Let macerate 12 hours and applied using a sprayer.

Beer: It’s a wonderful method to combat pests naturally, especially slugs or snails. Distributes containers or small caps with beer in various parts of your garden. They can not resist and drown in it.

6 Tips to eliminate insects in the garden

1. If you have a garden, do not hesitate to put in extreme terrain called aromatic plants, which make barrier to prevent them insects. Some of these species are hated by pests basil, arugula, oregano, parsley, bay leaf, rosemary and mint.
2. Another tips for removing insects from plants is all plant species in your garden. In the area of the garden, it is (besides aromatic) advise, fennel, coriander, celery, carrot, onion and garlic. In other areas of the garden, lavender.
3. Always keep your clean and in good condition, so they are less vulnerable to suffer for plant pests. You can use a cotton ball soaked in milk or water to remove dirt from the leaves, for example.
4. Avoid moisture around. Mosquitoes love standing water, like snails and fungi. Do not water too much and do not let puddles.
5. Finish with ladybugs. Often, in an effort to combat pests we do not realize that there are some bugs that are allies. For Ladybugs are natural predators of aphids.
6. Prevents insects climb on climbing plants. This is for the case of ants and snails, mainly. You can place a double sided tape on the stem.

To eliminate insects from plants not required to spend a fortune on pesticides. Use what you have in the garden and in the kitchen.

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