Decoration white kitchens

White is a color that has always been present in the world of kitchens. His qualities when light receiving increasing the amplitude of space and the feeling of cleanliness are some of the keys to this success.

Although more variety of colors to give joy to this room appear white remains a reference to consider.
Consider a series of recommendations to decorate our kitchens with white color and learn how to avoid excessive coldness that may cause our white decor.

The first thing we will talk about this possible risk of creating a cold environment to use too much white. Ideally to escape this problem is to combine white with more vivid colors that bring that spark of vitality we seek.

White is a color that can be combined with all and has the power to enhance the colors you have around you, so think of that color that you like and combine it with white.

If you’re daring you can use that strong color in furniture or appliances. If you’re something more classic, you can always choose to use in small appliances, kitchen accessories, door handles, etc.

If you want to create a classic and elegant space, can be combined with other mild white or neutral colors. These strokes break the monotony of white giving it class and style to your kitchen.

Speaking to combine, white also combines perfectly with almost all materials. Wood, dark granite, Silestone, vinyl, etc. The effects of these combinations can be shocking.

White is also suitable for any decor. For a rustic kitchen wooden furniture painted white combined with flowers and wrought iron accessories for a Nordic touch using white lacquered furniture straight lines, if you want a more retro style you can choose to combine wood pickled white combined with glass and paintings on the walls, etc.

For more modern or minimalist interiors have to decantarte lacquered furniture matte or gloss finish. Combine with fittings of steel or aluminum and have the result you want. As we can see, the white suit almost every style.

For the walls you can also opt for this color, and you have a smooth wall or have tiles. Roofing is also successful using this color, but not in soils. To these also use a light shade of white, but with touches of gray or sand.

And let’s not forget a characteristic of those mentioned at the beginning, the luminosity that gives white. If you have a small kitchen, this color is just the one you need because it will boost all the light it receives and increase the spacious feeling of space. It is an ideal for these spaces to gain a few yards solution is a challenge.

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