COVERS not passable


The current Technical Building Code flat roofs are considered those with no inclination or pitch which is less than 5, and within the flat roofs establishes a classification based on usage of the cover and the type of protection: covered passable flat, flat roofs and green roofs impassable. Flat roofs with gravel, along with the flooded decks, covered and not passable tamper covers or type Deck Industrial make up the group of non-passable flat roofs by classification CTE.

Overall the finish impassable gravel flat roofs are a good constructive solution for large flat roofs because they are simpler and have lower construction cost.

The construction system in which gravel inverted roofs are based include:

A slope, always less than 5 mortar made with wrought that allows direct water into drains.

On outstanding waterproofing sheet, which prevents water from entering the building stands.

A protective geotextile above the waterproofing will minimize scratches or other mechanical damage that could impair the waterproofing layer.

Thermal insulation, usually consisting of plates or extruded polystyrene rigid panels as the insulating material provides better performance against environmental elements.

A layer of gravel to protect the insulation from weather and prevent it from being sucked into the wind or float with rainwater.

When impermeabilizantese situated above the isolation cover a flat finish is generated Cubiertas but whatever the arrangement of the insulation and waterproofing layer a number of important considerations when choosing as the flat upper enclosure covered with gravel finish. The thickness of the layer of gravel must be adequate to protect the flat roof of the action of ultraviolet rays, recommending a minimum thickness of 20 cm and a diameter of the song used as gravel between 16 and 32 cm. Furthermore it must take care to carry out a wash with demineralised water before gravel spread it flat roof. Other aspects to consider are preventing the growth of plants in the gravel for which it is recommended that a antiraices layer.

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