Roofing are the building blocks within the building whose function closure and protecting it at the top must be guaranteed at all times. The covers are also probably the part of the building not only more suffering to be the most exposed to harsh environmental but also because in many cases, especially in the case of flat roofs, are places of passage and common use neighboring communities.

Good maintenance covers permanently ensure the integrity of the functionality of the covers (security, sealing, insulation.

); in fact make periodic inspections necessary for the proper maintenance of the covers allows not only keep in prefect condition but also early detection of any damage on the cover and perform rehabilitation work needed to return to its initial state cover, thus preventing the occurrence of severe pathologies in the cover which in most cases involve costly rehabilitation.

In addition to the maintenance of decks explicit in the Book Building, it is advisable to make the cover of our community of owners is kept in perfect condition and require the fewest repairs or renovations, adopt a series of measures, such as:

Conduct periodic visits two to at least early spring and autumn.

Review of drainage systems and waterproofing of the roof and masonry systems related to the sealing system.

Good maintenance of the cover should include the removal of any waste that can cause jams in the drainage or dirt from the cover of unwanted vegetation and environmental phenomena.

Perform necessary for housing rehabilitation work as soon as possible once detected faults or damage after the maintenance cover.

Any maintenance of the covers should be performed by trained and qualified personnel.

All maintenance and rehabilitation of the covers should be reflected in the Book Building or records evidencing that have followed the basic rules of maintenance covered.

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