The implementation of pitched roofs, in single-family homes and condominiums, a wide variety of materials used to form the layer surface finish. Cement materials, smooth sheet metal, slate, metal panels. .
They are frequent, but perhaps tile pitched roofs are the most common.

Like any other enclosure member of the community of owners or housing, sloping roof, it requires a series of maintenance work that must be done if we are to avoid the occurrence of serious injuries on the deck that lead to costly renovations Cover tilted.

For their constructive characteristics requires the sloping roof, plus the relevant maintenance work, a set of rules of use for pitched roofs are respected. Avoid placing on the sloping roof elements that may hinder drilling or drain it, such as antennae or masts should preferably be attached if necessary to Cubiertas functional or structural characteristics of the skirts, limes and deck drains are not changed or the expected loads are exceeded for her service and no hooks for loads above 100 kg were Cubiertas also the use of chemicals on the pitched roof to avoid the possible accidental release of such products on the sloping roof is avoided.

Maintenance work on sloping roofs that must be performed regularly are:

Annually: Removal of vegetation and any material accumulated on the deck by the wind. Removal of sediments derived from the occasional water retention in the cover, and snow obstructing drains or ventilation holes. Optimal conservation of the elements related to the sealing system (eaves, breastplates).
Every three years check the condition of the tiles and replacement of defective.

Every 5 years: overhaul where appropriate, the skirt and testing service hook.

If you still do the maintenance and conservation adequately the appearance of damp was observed in the slab under the sloping roof or inside homes, especially if they appear after a period of rain, snow or wind, an inspection should cover performed to determine the source of such damp take the necessary measures to ensure the proper maintenance of the sloping roof.

Breakages and damage that the effect of shocks, weather events, or natural aging occur in materials or sloping roof elements must be corrected with similar materials and conditions of implementation and commissioning equal to those of the sloping roof work, paying special attention to the detachment or breakage of the capping edges and meetings.

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