It is called covered set of building blocks that serve as closure on top of the building. Its basic function is to protect buildings at the top, but should also deaislar thermally and acoustically to it.

The deck supports its own weight and overloads acting on it.

Contramos three different parts on Deck: exterior surface finishing, intermediate layers and support.

The surface finish is supporting environmental inclement addition to withstand possible point Cubiertas so it is important that the finished materials are lightweight yet durable so do not increase the burdens that must support the structure.

The layers intermediaspor its location between the top surface and the support, are affected by movements produced by two types of changes: climate change and those derived from the deformations and movements created by the media.
These intermediate layers is where materialesaislantes and waterproofing are located.

The support is the structure that serves as support to the finished surface and intermediate layers.

Watertight and wind capture and energy dissipation, hygrothermal, acoustic and lighting comfort and structural safety and fire are conditions that must be present on the decks so that they can fulfill their role of protection and insulation.

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