Controlling weeds in the garden

Tips for Controlling Weeds in the Garden

Weeds seem to have a great impetus to survival invade every land they can, and make it imperative to control weeds in the garden and in the beds of earth.

We have good techniques to achieve this, from simple gardening tips ingenious barriers to reusing disposable items, reducing our garbage and giving it to better use. Learn how to control weeds in your garden easily with these practical solutions.

Basic care for weed control

To make effective weed control you must attend to the land that you use in the planter, pot or growing sector. Make sure it’s clean soil, good nutrients and substrates, and free from old roots or shoots, as when we reuse soil moving from one to another sector. If you need to, move the earth to a wheelbarrow or buckets, and leave to dry for three to five days, stirring it for sure neutralize any root or present outbreak.

The following is address the species is around stonemason. If it comes to lawn or varieties of vertical growth, simply make a simple lock (surface bordered) and regular care, especially on the bias. But if it is more invasive species (as usual Controlling Weeds in the Garden or other) should make a deep and shallow locking, preventing weeds from spreading across the surface and at the root level.

Control weeds in the garden: Methods lined

Either at surface level (ie, buried about 10 cm or less) or deep-lined, on the market you’ll find a multitude of elements and useful resources. One of the most thought is what is done from the time of construction of housing, establishing areas of masons and Controlling Weeds in the Garden with cement or concrete blocks buried up to 100 cm deep, and topped with a row of bricks or concrete blocks sight. It is a very effective option for controlling weeds garden, but also expensive and complicated to apply when we are working in an existing one.

You can also use blocks annexes edge. Some are flexible and rigid, in different sizes and shapes, complementing virtually any style of garden. Suffice it to break ground in line straight down and insert the lock to identify the area of weed growth in the garden.

Responsible weed control

A much cheaper and equally effective option for controlling weeds in the garden is to make a perimeter edge to the stonemason, reusing common household waste. You just break ground on a vertical crack in the site and the appropriate depth, and insert blocks or styrofoam trays (styrofoam, polystyrene or related in many packaged foods). Another option is to use garbage bags and plastic bags weighing something, cartons or tetra brick brick open as iron, or any other inorganic element, especially those difficult to biodegrade.

You can let them poke about 5 cm above the ground to block creeping, and garnish with bricks, stones or other as you like, giving a better finish your edge recycling weed control. Just be sure to press out the land around the end, to remove caught air, and applies a side weeder stonemason, or remove all visible outbreaks. By having this physical barrier, the herb will not proliferate and disappear, being interspersed with green garden.

There are many chemicals and commercial tools you can use to control weeds, but a barrier that blocks their development, every effort eventually be useless. With these alternatives you can make efficient weed control, easily and with little expense.

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