A new edition of BEYOND BUILDING BARCELONA CONSTRUMAT Hall dedicated to the construction and rehabilitation of buildings will be held between 19 and 23 May in the Gran Certificación Energética (Hall 2) of Barcelona.

BEYOND agenda CONSTRUMAT BUILDING BARCELONA, various activities and presentations on subjects as diverse as design, innovation and sustainability of new buildings. But also the rehabilitation of buildings and owners’ have no place in this Congress, which has been particularly active in the energy renovation and improvement of energy efficiency of existing buildings and homes.

The rehabilitation of a condominium buildings and homes has always constituted one of the main areas of BEYOND BUILDING BARCELONA CONSTRUMAT and, in recent years in which the crisis has particularly affected the construction of new housing, rehabilitation of buildings it has become the alternative economic activity for many companies involved in construction.

But besides the promotion of rehabilitation as an activity for the revival of the economy of a country, it is important not to forget repercussion energy rehabilitation in the economy of Spanish households allowing significant savings in addition to helping environmental sustainability.

Congress of Rehabilitation and Construction BUILDING BEYOND BARCELONA CONSTRUMAT visitors and professionals can learn the latest developments and innovations in comprehensive rehabilitation and maintenance of buildings and energy rehabilitation of communities and housing and urban rehabilitation and regeneration (legal, finance, aid. . ).

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