PREVENTION moisture due to filtration

Humidities for water filtration tend to occur frequently in walls and fully or partially buried walls. Cause stains and waterways, swell the paint and produce efflorescence.

Efflorescence salt crystals are usually white, transported by capillarity through porososy materials are typically deposited, as water evaporates at the surface of bricks, tiles, walls and floors.
Deteriorate coatings and plasters basements, garages, storage rooms or homes may even cause flooding.

The causes of moisture due to filtration are diverse: poor mixing cement, poor or no waterproofing, cracks caused by expansion and contraction processes, the presence of groundwater, accidental moisture manholes or pipes. Whatever the cause, the ultimate solution requires in most cases a two-step water drainage and insulation of the walls.

The drainage is to capture the water in the ground to channel and evacuate before it reaches directly contact the walls.

This will require digging a trench around the perimeter of the building in which a perforated pipe surrounded by a geotextile filter to collect and channel will be Humedades water pouring into the sewage.

Made drainage are isolated and waterproof the walls, usually on its outer side. The insulation system to use depends on the source of the leaks may choose to use repellent open pore paintings, placing plates or membranes and plaster or plaster of hydrophobicity, among other solutions.

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