It is well known that in the construction of houses is necessary to develop a plan of prevention of occupational risks to protect workers from possible accidents. What not everybody knows is that the rehabilitation of a condominium accidents can be equal to or greater than that which occurs in housing construction new plant, in fact in the rehabilitation emerging risks appear Hazard higher volume than in new construction that are more established and planned.

The current situation with regard to the rehabilitation of communities is little or no awareness by communities of owners of the need for a plan of prevention of occupational hazards especially when certain circumstances.
Specifically, when preparing a draft rehabilitation work involving multiple developer or when implementing the restoration project involving more than a business, a business and self-employed or various autonomous workers, the community of owners is required the appointment of a technical coordinator in security and health.

This is because from the perspective of prevention of occupational hazards, communities of owners have the same consideration as any business and are therefore responsible for ensuring that their employees do not suffer accidents in their facilities. this way the workers responsible for carrying out the rehabilitation works on the homeowners no longer employed in the service of the community of owners, even if they were hired through a subcontractor.

Therefore the homeowners in their capacity as promoter of the rehabilitation not only has the same obligations as any other company but also be subject to the responsibilities that the rules of occupational hazard prevention established.
Most owners communities in which rehabilitation works are performed, prevention of occupational risks is a matter that is not taken into account and that he was not given the attention it requires. Normally that there are no circumstances requiring the appointment mentioned by the homeowners of a technical safety and health, but rather the development of the project and execution of the handles to the same company that will charge of developing the project as a whole.

Yet in many cases the homeowners responsible conducting the rehabilitation of their community to companies with little or no compliance in prevention of occupational risks. Perhaps the greatest work of prevention of occupational hazards in the communities of owners is required for hiring a company that complies with the regulations for the prevention of occupational hazards, starting with the appointment of a technical safety and health for the execution of works in your community.

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