Combination of colors in the kitchen

That colors exert a positive effect on us is something you’ve heard. The colors, although it percatemos we create a series of feelings in us, so it is important to choose the type of color depending on the room that we will decorate.

Today we will see the ideals colors as important as the kitchen space.
In this area of the house we find a color that convey calm, to promote sociability and boosts creativity. Let’s see what colors are right for it.

If we choose to use a range of cool colors like purple, green or blue, the feeling that the kitchen will transmit the cleaning, reliability and efficiency. This type of colors often create feelings of professionalism.

Instead the warmer colors like red, yellow and orange create more welcoming spaces. This type of tones will make your kitchen convey warmth, life and joy. With these colors is gained in proximity, but security is lost.

A good option is to combine colors to achieve a successful outcome. Combine colors of the same tones get the same effect as previously talked about, but if we make contrasts of warm and cool colors get a strong contrast that can be very interesting.

We talked to combine colors, but that does not mean we start to use colors like crazy. Ideally, choose three colors and use them as show below.

Of those three colors of paint, one will be the principal, which will be the base of the kitchen and more we use, the other is secondary, it will be the perfect complement to the previous color, and the third will be the eye-catching color. This will use it to give splashes of color into smaller elements.

The first two colors should be similar (belonging to the same branch of colors) and use them to the main elements of the kitchen countertops, large appliances, furniture storage, etc. The third color, striking, belong to the opposite color scale and use it on smaller items such as paintings, clocks, curtains or small appliances.

One advantage of this distribution of colors is that when you want to change a bit the style of cooking, you can change all the striking features of the kitchen by others of a different color.

Finally I will discuss a council of colors, lighting and space. If you have a small or dark kitchen, it is best to apply very light colors in the kitchen and pastel shades like pale pinks, lavenders and ocher very white base. They will transmit clarity, and this in turn increases the feeling of spaciousness in any space.

Large kitchens are perfect contrast to opt for dark colors (always combined with very light flashes to not overwhelm). Combine these bright colors at different levels and will create a very interesting effect of depth.

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